We’ve created this page to keep you informed and updated on the company-wide measures we’ve implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a trusted brand in the laundry cleaning industry, we want to continue to assure our clients of the hygienic cleaning practices we perform and inform of the extra measures being taken based on continued monitoring local and federal health organization recommendations.



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What you can do:
  • Use disposable trash bags (13-gal size) to package dirty laundry for pickup.

  • Place laundry on the porch or other secure space for no-contact pickup. Inform your driver and or send a picture of the pickup location.

  • Allow your driver to drop off clean laundry on the porch or other secure space. Inform your driver your preferred location. 

  • If you are ill, please pause service and resume when you are feeling better. 

What are we doing:
  • All pickups and deliveries will be no-contact.

  • All drivers and laundry handlers will wear gloves when handling dirty laundry as an added precaution.

  • While on routes, drivers will use sanitary measures between each pickup & delivery.

  • Drivers will communicate with clients to coordinate safe, non-contact pickups and deliveries.

  • As always, each client’s laundry is washed, dried and folded separate from all other laundry.

  • Per usual protocol, drivers and laundry handlers are washing hands before handling any laundry. 

  • Laundry machines, folding surfaces, hampers, baskets, etc. will be sanitized between each load.

  • Clean laundry will be returned in sealed plastic bags. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times are available for pickup/delivery?

Pickup/ Delivery days and time slots are listed on our online order form, as well as in the Laundry Care mobile app. Times are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Can COVID 19 be transmitted via my laundry?

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is a virus only transferred via contact with infected persons. There are no reported cases of virus transmission via clothing, fabrics or textiles.

How should I package my laundry?

Laundry should be packaged in 13-gallon kitchen trash bags. These are the same size as our reusable laundry bags and will help avoid any unnecessary contact points.

Will service providers be tested for COVID 19?

Service providers who are displaying symptoms of COVID 19 or who are ill have been instructed to discontinue service and seek medical attention.

How do I pause service?

If you would like to pause service please contact us at 800-429-4332 or email at support@laundrycare.biz

I am feeling ill, can I still place an order?

If you are feeling ill please refrain from placing orders for a minimum of 14 days.

What steps are you taking to prevent contamination of my laundry?

As always, orders are processed individually and we never mix your order with another client’s order. Our service providers have been instructed to follow the prevention methods stated above.

Are you open for orders?

Yes! We are open for orders. Laundry service is essential to the community. We will continue to provide this necessary service to our clients. Safety is always our #1 concern so we have implements a no-contact process for our service providers. In addition to no-contact, we've taken extra steps outline in the Prevention section of this page.



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Phone: 800-429-4332

Email: support@laundrycare.biz